About us
         is one of the leading technology companies in South East Asia in the fields of Machine Vision, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. Our businesses are divided into 2 areas: 
1. Distribution Business 
2. Solution Business

Vision:  Recognized as The Most Innovative, Dedicated and Productive Global Company in the field of Vision and AI Technology.

Our businesses are divided into 2 areas:
1. Distribution Business
2. Solution Business

1. Distribution Business
         We distribute world-famous products from the best suppliers around the globe.  
  • Machine Vision & Image Processing: BASLER Digital Camera, LMI Technology 3D Camera, HALCON Vision Software, MERLIC Software, SENSOPART Vision Sensor, SENSOPART Sensor, Frame Grabber, Lens, Lighting, Accessories
  • Industrial PC from world-renowned brands as ADLINK, ADVANTECH, and NEOUSYS: Industrial Motherboard & Single Board, Chassis, Fanless Embedded PC, Compact Vision PC, Touch Panel PC, Handheld PC, PXI, DAQ, Motion Control Card, and accessories
  • Internet of Things and Automation devices and software 

2. Solution Business
          Our management and engineering team have deep knowledge and board experiences in these fields so we can provide consulting services, design, testing, programming, develop and provide turn-key solutions including after-sales-services.
  • Image Processing, Machine Vision, Robot Vision
  • Internet of Things 
  • AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Data & Analytics 

Our major customers consist of
  • Manufacturing: Automotive, Electronics, and Semiconductor, Hard Disk, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Printing, etc.
  • Maker and System Integrator
  • University and Research Institute
  • Government

Our sales territory covers not only Thailand but other countries in South East Asia.